FnaticMSI 2012 GUI

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FnaticMSI 2012 GUI

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Once a year Patrik "cArn" Sättermon releases the newest version of the Fnatic GUI. And today is the day that you have all been waiting for the newest version of the Fnatic GUI is released.

The FnaticMSI 2012 GUI gives you the opportunity to easily play with the config of one of your favorite CS 1.6 players (cArn, Gux, Friis, pita, Xizt). Next to that, the GUI gives you the perfect settings for competitive CS 1.6, approved by ESL! It also contains several other interesting features, including a detailed in game menu with a mixture of features, all of which are detailed below.

The FnaticMSI CS 1.6 2012 GUI contains the following features:

- Players configs (cArn, Gux, Friis, pita and Xizt)
- ESL approved settings designed for competitive Counter-Strike.
- Updated 2012 design
- FnaticMSI in-game menu which gives the user the following features:
- Execute the Fnatic player´s configs
- Fnatic Fakenick Generator.
- In-game media bar for demos/screenshots
- Quick change your settings
- Quick connect to CSDM servers for practice
- Hall of Fame Configs - All Fnatic players between 2006 and 2011 included **NEW**
- That include: Archi, Tentpole, f0rest, ins, Delpan, GeT_RiGhT ,Threat and dsn.
- Two new maps have also been added, de_mirage and de_forge **NEW**
- RInput mouse acceleration removal tool added. **NEW**

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