за клипа които постнах в чата

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за клипа които постнах в чата

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Ето и превода на англиски които е по в час да го преведе на БГ
за да може да го преправим на БГ

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... Ob2Sq6Qor0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

0:24 Idiot... why would you stand there when purchasing weapons!
0:32 Out of cash
AK47! I must get it!
0:48 We have another idiot got killed...
0:51 I'll get the bomb.
1:11 Cover me.
1:12 Understood.
1:18 Number 1 in position.
1:23 Enemy nearby...
1:35 Phew, close call... Damn, they sent me to attack A long alone.
1:51 Two AWPs... I rather get blown up by a grenade than get killed by AWP
1:58 Argh. My gun skill getting stink recently.
2:12 - 2:20
SAS: What do you see?
GSG: Polar bear
SAS: Polar bear????.
GSG: I didnt get his head blown off. Pity...
2:27 Get down fast! Do you want get your head blown off?
2:30 Don't tell me you forget that there was an AWPer in mid doors.
2:35 What are you waiting for?? MOVE!!
2:50 Hey, you watch the mid doors. I'll go check A platform.
SAS: What a sniper, you have great patience...
GSG: Hehehe...
3:30 You see my skills?? A headshot!!
3:41 I hate CT
SEAL: What just happened?
SAS: "Headshot king" got his head shot off again...
SEAL: His brain really can attract their bullets...
SAS: What are you planning to do?
SEAL: Holding here.
4:08 No, I should rush out there and have some fun.
4:21 Must be escaped due to his heavy injuries
4:35 So close...
4:37 Low HP
4:51 I'm so lucky.
4:58 I'm really Really lucky!
Phoenix: CT are not here
Elite Crew: No, look over there.
5:35 The CTs must be waiting outside of B site
5:38 Not much time left, we have better plant the bomb first.
GIGN: Shooting through, shooting through....
SEAL: Watch my flashbang!
GIGN: You idiot!!!
SEAL: Sorry...
6:22 Bomb has been planted. Now it's a good chance to surprise the CTs.
6:41 Argh. It's a shame that I didn't get a headshot on that guy...
SEAL: What should we do now?
GIGN (AWP): What about trapping the Ts in the B site?
GIGN: Not a bad idea!
GSG: We don't have much money left anyway.
GIGN: Let's do it. Now surround them!!
Phoenix: What are CTs doing?
Elite Crew: Nevermind them. We retreat.
Oh, CT's ambush!!
Stop blocking my way!
Phoenix: CTs probably want us get blown up by our C4
Elite crew: We are terrorists, why should we afraid?

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Re: за клипа които постнах в чата

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Това е достатъчно, малко по-късно ще пусна тук примерен забавен превод, и го мятам